Measuring Guide

A guide to measuring for your corset:

It’s best to get someone to help you, as you can distort your measurements by doing them yourself. Always be totally honest with what the tape-measure reads – making yourself bigger or smaller will only lead to an unfitting corset!

Bust: measure around the largest point of your bust. Either wear a non-padded bra, or no bra at all.

Half bust: Measure from the centre of one breast to the outside, going across the widest part.

Cup size: Your best fitting bra size.

Underbust: Measure directly under your bust.

Waist: The ‘squishiest’ part of you, your corsetted waist may not be in the same place as your actual waist. You should measure around lower than your ribcage.

High hip: Measure around the widest part of your hip bone.

Low hip: Measure around the widest part, usually where the top of your leg starts.

Underarm to waist: Measure directly under your arm to your waist.

Underbust to waist: Measure from under your bust to your waist, at the front.

Waist to low hip: Measure at the side from your waist to your low hip.

I am going to make a video for my facebook page with how to measure for a corset –