Terms and Conditions

Xandriana is not responsible for corsets made to incorrect measurements given by the customer.

As each piece is custom made, Xandriana is unable to accept returns or give refunds for unwanted items as per the Distance Selling Regulations. If an item is faulty Xandriana is happy to repair the fault at no cost to you, the consumer. However, if it is faulty due to misuse by the customer (eg. eyelets tearing out or bent/broken busks), repairs will incur a charge. If you believe your item to be faulty, you will need to contact Xandriana within 30 days of receipt, then return the item at your expense, and Xandriana will assess the item upon receipt. Please note that as a professional and experienced corsetiere, Xandriana is able to distinguish between genuine fault, and damage caused by misuse by the customer. Where the fault is genuine, standard postage cost will be refunded and the fault repaired at no cost. Where it is found that the fault is through misuse by the customer, postage costs cannot be refunded, and repairs will incur a charge. This charge will be dependent on the repairs required, and will be agreed with the customer before any repair work begins.

Cancellation time: After your order is placed, Xandriana will accept cancellations made within 48 hours from point of order, and provide a full refund within 5 working days. Point of order is defined here as the point at which you receive notification from Xandriana that your order has been accepted. After 48 hours no cancellations can be accepted, in compliance with the Distance Selling Regulations, and no refund will be possible.